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Our Mission

A.D.U. is a rapidly growing organization, and we bring together the most talented individuals from Niger and around the globe. If you share our values , believe that higher education can transform the Sahel region, and want to be part of that transformation, we want to talk with you.

Have a look below to get some ideas as to ways to engage with A.D.U. If you are interested in one of these opportunities—or something else—please send us your CV and a cover note explaining your interest:

If you are coming to A.D.U. from outside Niger, you may wish to review our A.D.U. Guest Guide

Engagement with A.D.U. can take many forms:

  • Join the A.D.U. Staff – At A.D.U., you will have the opportunity to work with extraordinary colleagues, to receive robust feedback, and to achieve rapid professional growth. You will have the autonomy to pilot your boldest ideas and the support to enable their success.
  • Intern at A.D.U. – A.D.U. welcomes secondary school, undergraduate, and graduate student interns from Niger and from around the world. Interns are welcome for anywhere from two weeks to six months. A.D.U. typically provides accommodations for international interns at no cost.
  • Serve as an ILIMI Global Fellow – A.D.U. has launched a highly competitive one-year fellowship for recent grads who want to have a life-changing experience leading critical capacity-building projects on behalf of A.D.U. To learn more, please see the ILIMI Fellowship description
  • Teach a course at A.D.U. – A.D.U. hosts visiting faculty from Harvard University, Oxford University, Ashesi University, and other academic institutions around the world. We also welcome leaders of the public and private sector to come deliver a course in an area of professional expertise. Visiting faculty typically spend between 4 days and 1 semester in Niger.
  • Deliver a guest lecture at A.D.U. – We invite Nigerien leaders and visitors to Niger to come to campus to engage with our students and share experiences and wisdom with our students and with the broader community. A.D.U. regularly hosts public conferences and speaker series.
  • Share your time & talents remotely – If you believe in the mission of A.D.U. but cannot travel to Niger right now, there are many ways to help remotely. Current needs include document translation (English to French), connecting virtually with Nigerien students, graphic design, and online content management.

Here are the team principles of A.D.U.:

  • We are leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.
    We believe that every problem is solvable when we commit the necessary time, creativity, and grit. Every day, we search for better, more efficient ways to achieve our mission.
  • Excellence – both technical and ethical.
    We take pride in our work. We strive to become a world-class institution.
    We never compromise our values, and we never ever take shortcuts.
  • Done is better than perfect.
    Our work is urgent, and we prioritize punctuality over perfection.
    We are always on-time (or early) for deadlines, both external and internal.
  • Students first.
    We prioritize our team over ourselves and our students over our team.
    In every decision we make, we are guided by what we believe is best for our current and future students. We do whatever it takes to support every student in achieving her or his greatest potential.
  • We celebrate one another—and the team. We share pain and failures too.
    Joy is essential to the A.D.U. culture. Celebration binds us together.
    We are also there to support one another in times of hardship.
  • Mistakes make us better. We don’t make the same mistake twice.
    We are all learning, and learning means that we err sometimes.
    As an organization, we expect rapid growth from every individual,
    and there is no reason that we should make the same mistake twice.
    We do not accept apathy or mediocrity.
  • We see knowledge as interconnected and connected to the real world.
    Everything that we do is grounded in the context within which we operate, best practices from around the globe, and our vision for the future.
    We have a strong bias toward applied knowledge, case-based learning,
    and active engagement with our world.