Master's & MBA

The Master Minds

The Master’s Program and one-year MBA educate and empower early-career and experienced professionals to achieve success in complex, corporate work environments.

Inspired by the world’s best educational institutions and deeply rooted in our African traditions, the A.D.U. Master’s Programs provide high-potential professionals with the expertise they need to effectively compete in the global workplace.  Our curriculum combines the World Economic Forum’s 21st Century Skills with an intense study in one of the following fields: Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Strategy, HR, Supply Chain, Project Management, or Business.

Graduates of the A.D.U. Master’s Programs will exit with the skills and networks they need to advance in their careers.

  • The Specialized Master’s program is a two-year degree-granting program designed to offer early career professionals the tools, skills, and mindset required for success in their careers. Students in the Specialized Master’s program have three semesters of core courses and electives and one semester of full-time internship.
  • The MBA program is a one-year degree-granting offering designed for experienced professionals (3+ years) who are seeking to improve their professional skills and to develop their networks.

Here are some of the unique advantages of the A.D.U. Master’s Program:

Intellectual Challenge

Both programs have been developed in collaboration with leading business schools around the world and are based on leading pedagogy from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Ivey and other world class institutions.

Diversity in the Classroom

On your left you will have a nationally renowned journalist and on your right an award winning entrepreneur. In front of you will be an experienced agricultural engineer, and just behind, a lawyer. Each exchange is an opportunity to learn or share your knowledge.

International Faculty

What if your leadership or statistics class were taught by the same people teaching in the most renowned leadership or statistics course at Harvard? Your Economics class by a United Nations’ lead economist? Your communication class by the one of the most famous African journalists? Well, that’s what is actually happening on campus.

High Level Guest Speakers

Have you ever want to meet a top official of the French Embassy? Or maybe an international officer from the African Development Bank? The CEO of the Dangote Foundation? Niger’s First Lady? No worries, we got you covered in our ILIMI Forum Events which are part of the overall A.D.U. experience.

Strong Connections to the Corporate World

Our Master’s Programs have been designed to solve real world problems. We partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to include in the curriculum what matters the most to employers, and our students are assessed exclusively on real world projects and issues.

Lifelong Networks

From your professors and guest speakers to your classmates, you will leave A.D.U. with an outstanding network of human resources that will help you expand your influence and advance your career.

Personal Growth

A.D.U. is a very unique place, with extremely high standards. During the course of your program, these standards become intrinsic pieces of your character, confidence, skills and attitude.  The idea of an ILIMI education has, at its core, an aspiration that students undergo a personal transformation, leading not just to success in the corporate world but to an abiding concern for the greater good.