English Program

Why English?

English is spoken as a first language by around 400 million people around the world; It is increasingly being required by international organizations in Niger that candidates are able to speak and write in English. At A.D.U. you will not only learn how to speak English, but you will also find a community of like-minded people who will facilitate your full immersion in English as your second language. As well as our wide range of English classes, we also organize an array of social activities which provide our students with the perfect opportunity to meet one another, socialize, take part in fun activities and practice their English.



Start your application: Visit our website to download and fill out the application form or
visit our campus to complete the form and get more information.
Placement test: You will have to pass an English placement test, this is just so we can put
you in a class corresponding to your English level.
Obtain a schedule: You will be given a timetable to suit your learning needs.

English as a Second Language (EASL)

General English forms the core of our teaching programme. Classes are based around a coursebook lesson, followed by a Speaking & Listening class. Intensive courses offer you the chance to focus on specific language areas and may include afternoon options depending on your learning needs and preferences.

  • Start date: Fixed date
  • Course duration: 48 weeks – 96 hours
  • Course levels: Beginners, Intermediate, and
  • Minimum age: None
  • Class size: 20 minimum, 30 maximum.
  • Class duration: 2 hour

Buisness English

This practical course is designed to both improve your level of English and widen your knowledge of specific vocabulary in a work context and business situations. The business English component covers but is not limited to meetings, negotiations, advertising, marketing, presentations, business communication, decision making and many other topics.


  • Coursebook:We work with a coursebook enabling you to improve the four main skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. As well as these four main skills we will also work on other key areas to help develop your fluency and accuracy – pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and idioms.
  • Speaking & Listening:This component of the course is an extra opportunity for fluency practice.
  • Business English:Specialised Business English class where we cover all the skills but focus more on Speaking & Listening. Emphasis is placed on communication tasks which give you the opportunity to practise fluency and build confidence in business situations.
  • Start date: Fixed date
  • Course duration: 1-48 weeks – 2 hours per week
  • Entry Requirements: Intermediate Level of English